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Last night on the Monday Night Free Group Run, Pip Running member Katey, took us on a short trail run of a trail she previously found behind Charles A. Lindbergh HS track. When doing research for this page I could not find out much about this greenbelt/park with trail but did discover that the area is called Renton Park and that it is buried in the Cascade-Fairwood neighborhood. The trail entrance from the school is just located right off of the high school track on the right side. It appears that there is more than one way to go on the trail when you are in there however when looking at a map of the Renton Hike/Bike trails there does not appear to be many off shoot trails. We stuck to the "main" trail and ran in a beautifully wooded area. There were several tree roots to watch out for and a couple ankle twister rocks but the run was cool and peaceful inside. We entered from the school track and took the trail to the end which drops you right off into a suburban neighborhood. I think we will investigate this fun little trail/park more as it looks that there are connecting trails. The trail we ran was only about 1 mile round trip. It was a great addition to our neighborhood run but upon further exploring I think we can find additional mileage in the forest.

renton park.jpg

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