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Just wondering if it is a good idea to have different type of shoes for different running surfaces? I currently have Brooks for running but can't bring myself to use that for trail running.

submitted by April C. via Facebook

Hi April. Thanks for your question. Do you NEED different running shoes for different surfaces. Probably not. For the average recreational runner it is probably fine for you to wear the same shoes for road, treadmill, and most of the trails we have around here. But just like running clothes it becomes a question of comfort over need. I like to have trail shoes even for the gravel non-technical trails I run on because they do grip better and often come with some kind of stone guard. I don’t need that when running on the road or treadmill so I like to wear non-trail shoes for those runs. On the treadmill or the track I like to have the lightest shoes possible. If you are looking for a trail shoe start with the brand that you like to use as your regular running shoe and try out the trail model or similar style then go from there.
— via Query a Coach Facebook Group