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“How long do I need to let a blood filled blister heal before running on it?”

Hi Linda Ohh! As long as the blister is not infected & it does not hurt to bear weight on it then it is fine to run on. If the blister is small leave it alone & try covering it with moleskin or a blister band-aid. I often get small blood blisters under callouses (gross I know) but they just kind of go away on their own. If it’s a big blister you may want to pop it yourself with a needle cleaned with alcohol. You would push out the fluid then soak in epsom salt to draw out anymore fluid. Once the skin dries out you can cut away the dead skin (don’t pull it or use naiclippers. You want a clean edge) then you can use Liquid Bandage (use the name brand) & cover the area.
— via Query a Coach Facebook Group