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Hey Susan, my heels hurt a couple of hours after a run. I wear Asics and Brooks but I can't say if I notice it when I wear either brand but thought I'd ask before going to the doctor.

submitted by Desiree via Facebook

Susan At Pip Running Hi Désirée Ball sorry it took me so long to get to this. Are you still having problems? Do they always hurt after your runs or just once or twice?
July 23

Désirée Ball It seems after a long run or long walk. I haven’t run in my Brooks yet but will try that. I am going to talk to my Dr. just in case.
July 23

Désirée Ball Update: It’s plantar fasciitis. I am putting my Road Runner insoles into my shoes to see if that helps. I am clocking a lot of steps just walking at work and will have to adjust.
July 24

Susan At Pip Running So how has this been going?

Désirée Ball I’ve stayed off it for two weeks and am wearing my Brooks (with custom inserts) and it’s not as bad. I will go on my second run tonight and see if the change of shoes will be enough.
— via Query a Coach Facebook Group