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Uh oh. My heart rate strap is giving me a rash in the very center. Is it too lose and chafing? Should I put glide on it? Ouch.

Submitted by Jamie S.

Betsy: I put a bandaid where I chafe to prevent that.

Honore: Have you tried washing the strap? Also what Betsy said, put a strip of Rock/KT Tape on your chest before heading out.

Jamie S: Only once but that was a few weeks ago. Maybe I’ll throw it in the wash tonight. How often to people wash those? (I know total newbie question!). I like the tape idea. I’ll try that next run since it’s not under a sensor area.

Honore: Even if under sensor area you should still get a reading. I went months without washing mine (whoops) but it chafed almost every time afterward until my ‘wound’ healed. No issues now. Good luck!

Betsy: I chafe where the sensor is and the bandaid doesn’t bother it. I do like the rock tape/kt tape idea. I probably wash mine about once a month.

Susan At Pip Running: Hi Jamie S. I’ve tried both without good luck. The Garmin rep suggested turning the strap around so the sensor is on your back & that worked for me. I haven’t chaffed since. I think if your a larger busted gal it’s hard to get the strap on the right spot.

Susan At Pip Running: I should say I’ve tried all 3 things suggested. I have a scar on my bra-line to prove it.

Jamie S. :Thanks gals! I try those suggestions out!

Lynn: Scosche Rhythm+ is the solution. I used to get chafing and cuts from my Garmin HR monitor. Hubby gave me a Scosche that goes on the upper forearm. LOVE it!

Susan At Pip Running: I’m going to look into that one Lynn.
— via Query a Coach Facebook Group Conversation