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Has anyone ever had a black toe or what appears to be a blood blister under their toenail area? While running a half marathon I had no issues but while working on my feet later I noticed toe pain.

submitted by Lili S. via Facebook

Mimi Flores How old are your shoes?
June 14 at 6:38pm

Lili Ah-Siu Stansberry 4 months
June 14 at 7:04pm

Susan At Pip Running Your shoes may be too small. Your toes hitting the front of your shoes may be the cause.
June 14

Lynn Ramsey Might also be socks too tight/small. Or maybe you curl your toe(s) when you run, kind of how you curl your toes to hold flip flops on your feet. Or were you running down hills steeper than you are used to and your feet slid forward in your shoes and hit the front without you realizing it.
June 14

Lili Ah-Siu Stansberry OMG, I think that is what it was… A very steep hill. I now remember jamming down a very steep hill, Putting on the brakes as I waved through people while still trying to maintain my speed down the hill… Thanks!
— via Query a Coach Facebook Group