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How long do I need to let a blood filled blister heal before running on it?
— Linda Ohh via Query a Coach Facebook Group

Hi Linda Ohh! As long as the blister is not infected & it does not hurt to bear weight on it then it is fine to run on. If the blister is small leave it alone & try covering it with moleskin or a blister band-aid. I often get small blood blisters under callouses (gross I know) but they just kind of go away on their own. If it's a big blister you may want to pop it yourself with a needle cleaned with alcohol. You would push out the fluid then soak in epsom salt to draw out anymore fluid. Once the skin dries out you can cut away the dead skin (don't pull it or use naiclippers. You want a clean edge) then you can use Liquid Bandage (use the name brand) & cover the area.

read an article earlier today about running form, and #2 said to “drive from the hips”. I just don’t get it, what the heck does that even mean?
— -Honore via Query a Coach Facebook Group

Hi Honore! Driving from the hips when running is running with a neutral pelvis which helps allow for good hip extension. Chi Running calls this running from your dan tien. Here are links to good articles talking about it without getting too technical. http://www.runnersworld.com/injury-prevention-recovery/its-all-in-the-hips?page=single http://www.kinetic-revolution.com/running-its-all-in-the-hips/

Lawrence responded:
”Is this referring to keeping hips in line with spine? As if you were laying on your back and there is no gap b/w back and hips?”

Susan At Pip Running “It’s essentially the same movement. When your hip flexors are tight they pull your pelvis bowl forward & you tend to run in the bucket or arch your back to run faster.
— via Query the Coach Facebook Group Conversation
Uh oh. My heart rate strap is giving me a rash in the very center. Is it too lose and chafing? Should I put glide on it? Ouch.
— Jamie S. via Query a Coach Facebook Group

Betsy responded:  I put a bandaid where I chafe to prevent that.

Honore responded: Have you tried washing the strap? Also what Betsy said, put a strip of Rock/KT Tape on your chest before heading out.

Jamie S. responded:  Only once but that was a few weeks ago. Maybe I'll throw it in the wash tonight. How often to people wash those? (I know total newbie question!). I like the tape idea. I'll try that next run since it's not under a sensor area.

Honore responded: Even if under sensor area you should still get a reading. I went months without washing mine (whoops) but it chafed almost every time afterward until my 'wound' healed. No issues now. Good luck!

Betsy responded: I chafe where the sensor is and the bandaid doesn't bother it. I do like the rock tape/kt tape idea. I probably wash mine about once a month.

Susan At Pip Running  responded: I've tried both without good luck. The Garmin rep suggested turning the strap around so the sensor is on your back & that worked for me. I haven't chaffed since. I think if your a larger busted gal it's hard to get the strap on the right spot.

Susan At Pip Running responded: I should say I've tried all 3 things suggested. I have a scar on my bra-line to prove it!

Jamie S. responded: Thanks gals! I try those suggestions out!

Lynn responded:  Scosche Rhythm+ is the solution. I used to get chafing and cuts from my Garmin HR monitor. Hubby gave me a Scosche that goes on the upper forearm. LOVE it!

Susan at Pip Running responded: Im going to look into that one Lynn.

                                              via Query the Coach Facebook Group Conversation                                                                                                                                                          

I was using the map my run app and it kept saying my pace and my split pace. What is a split?
— Mimi via Query the Coach Facebook Group

Hi Mimi! A split is the amount of time broken up into smaller pieces. During a half marathon you may 2 splits- the time you started to the mid-race timer then the mid-race timing point to the end. Most of the time a split is miles or laps a track. 1 mile=1 split or 1 lap=1 split.

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