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My Left Foot

The trials continue. Yesterday I set out to do what I thought was my 3rd MAF test. As I usually do I run a mile from my house to the park as my warm up, 8 laps around the soccer fields for my test then 1 mile run home as warm down. The warm up mile was a little rough. I didn't feel bad but did not feel GREAT. I was a little worried about my left foot. It has been giving me a little grief lately. As a matter of fact I did not run Tuesday morning because it was a little sore and I wanted to give it an extra day. So 1:45 on Saturday (30 min longer than planned), 2:30 on Sunday, Monday off and Tuesday off. My foot felt OK Wednesday morning, a little sore, but not too bad.  

Yesterday (Wednesday) the weather was what I would normally consider perfect running weather. Overcast, no rain but the threat was there, and cool but not windy. As I was doing my laps I realized I might be enjoying this more if it was sunny and cold. Not sure if that was just reflective of my mood or if it was true. The first 4 laps seemed a little slow to me especially compared to how I feel I have been running. On the second mile I decided to open up a little knowing that my HR would go up corresponding to the faster pace. There goes that MAF test I thought but I was interested in seeing how fast my recovery was comparatively. As you may have guessed it took longer. The mile run home was my fastest. 

As I was reading more on ther Maffetone website last night about MAF testing and the comments section on training I found out my splits are expected to get slower! If my first split is the slowest than the idea is I haven't warmed up enough. That's something to think about. I also thought about making the test longer. I also read it is recommended to run 5 days/week. I have cut down to about 3-4 plus gym due to my foot issues. I almost feel like I'm back to square one but I'll just keep moving forward and really make some decisions after Seattle Quadzuki.

Speaking of quadzuki...that's coming up soon. Yikes! 4 days of getting up at the crack of dawn. Ugh. By the way from a coach's point of view this is kind of a dumb thing to do. I agreed to it well over a year ago. A lot happened in that time but it is an experience and coaching from experience can be tremendously helpful. My plan? Run it slow of course. I'm not really that worried about the mileage other than the flare up with my foot.  I'm a bit concerned by day 3 that I'll barely be able to walk. I'm rolling, doing rx'd exercises and wearing my Strassburg sock. Trying to get in a little ankle mobility as well since I'm pretty sure that is in which the problem lies. I'll keep you posted.

Lately, eating has been the easiest thing going on but as with my running I'm still working on it. Last post I talked about adding some fat bombs which definitely got my fat % up there. The problem I'm having right now is logging. There are lots of apps out there but none of them really do exactly what I want. MyFitnessPal is the closest because it has a huge database and barcode scanning. However, it doesn't calculate Net Carbs. I can add the food as a modification but it is time consuming. I wish there was a setting to do this for you automatically for database items and for added foods/recipes. If only I was married to some kind of developer...wait a minute...