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As I've been listening more to The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing I realize I need to make some changes. I already discussed before that I need to actually run more. That has been challenging over the last few weeks, especially this week, because the kids have barely been in school. With late starts, teacher workshop days and now 3 days of snow closures it has been difficult to get any running in. Next week the kids have half days all week due to teacher conferences so I foresee some days of being in running clothes all day. Sigh.

Some additional changes I plan on making are:

1. Dropping my max aerobic HR down 5 points. I had issue with the deduction of allergies plus allergy meds from the 180 formula and felt one deduction was enough. Now I think I need to take that additional 5 points since I am not seeing the improvement I had hoped to by this point. Granted I have not been running enough I still think it's worth a try.  

2. Warming up longer. I think I discussed this before as well. 

3. Stop the gym workouts for 8 weeks while I really base build. I just learned that all strength training is considered anaerobic even if you wear a HR monitor and try to keep below Max HR. This one will be tough.  

4. Continue yoga, maybe do 2 days/week and roll shit out. I've been negligent with self care and that can be hindering my progress. 

Now when do I start? I have a half marathon at the end of the month- Phoenix Half so I think once I am done traveling and kids breaks are over will be a good time. I have eliminated one hinderance this year with putting my business on hold. Trying to eliminate unnecessary stress is very beneficial. In addition I'm trying to reel in the chaos I felt my house was in. If your sanctuary is in disarray just think how out of whack everything else is going to be! I think it's working and I'm enjoying my time. Once I get the monkey of this year's taxes off my back I'll be on track. 

Nutrition has been going better as I've been tracking my macros better. I use MyFitnessPal to build the recipes and MyKeto Log to work out the macros. Now that I'm getting all these recipes built logging is much easier and quicker. Last night I made Blue Cheese Cabbage Stir-Fry. That was a big dinner and now a big lunch today. Helpful that lunch yesterday and dinner tonight are going to be on the lighter side. One cup of heavy whipping cream plus 1/3lb of butter in that baby!