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This is what I am doing

I have been conducting some experiments on myself over the past several months. My husband and I began trying to eat LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) first starting with the 2 then 4 week challenge on the Diet Doctor website. I have been trying to keep a strict low carb/ketogenic diet with my macros in the 5/20/75% ratios. Key word here is "trying". It is amazing where you find carbs so it has been a process filtering out the small products you don't ever think much about. I am also finding it difficult to consume as much fat as I need but I can go into more trial and error later as I am playing catch up on this blog post. I have not had weight pouring off of me like many people but I feel I am definitely leaner and my skin is better. My main goal is really to become fat adapted and a fat burning machine.

The next experiment I have been running on myself is HR training. This has also come with many trials and is an ongoing learning process. Using the Maffetone 180 Formula (180-age plus some additional factors) I came up with my number (I talked about it a little bit here in a previous post). Here is where some learning curves have come in. First I started with just 180-age but after reading the additional factors I realized it should be lowered. I had settled on trying to keep my HR below 133 but lowering it again may be an option if I am not seeing progress. I will probably get into why I am doing this more in later blog posts but for the most part I felt after 10 years of running and 4 years of coaching/running group runs I was overtrained and in the black hole. I am currently reading Primal Endurance (and listen to their Primal Endurance Podcast) and so far have found many similarities between Mark and Brad's ideas on training and Lydiard training.

I am a "trial by fire" kind of person so this will be a work in progress and I something I have committed myself to do over the next year. Results so far, I am now slow as shit which tells me my aerobic system was really suffering. However, even though I slowed to a near walk I am seeing improvements in my HR training times and even better than that I feel awesome after my runs. I can do my 2-2.5 hour runs and feel refreshed without aches/pains afterwards. Part of coming out of the hole was finding the joy of running again and I definitely am. I will post MAF tests results in a future blog post as I get into more daily posts about my progress.

I am not a foodie, food blogger or even a person that likes when people post pics of their food but I will do it here because part of the challenge/experiment with changing our eating style is that we have to cook a lot more often. We are discovering new ways to cook, what to cook and new things to eat. The last thing I made was Primal Butter Chicken from the Primal Desire website. I recently purchased a InstaPot pressure cooker and have been having some fun finding new recipes to cook for my family. This was one of them. I am not a huge Indian food person but this was delicious and we got 7 servings out of this recipe. Once I worked out the #'s this is actually higher in carbs than I would like (almost 15g/serving) so something to think about in the future if I make this again.