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Slowing Down

I seem to have some kind of cold. Early this week I noticed my throat a bit sore (or more dry?) and what I can only call a tightness in the base of my throat. It has been so subtle that I hardly want to even acknowledge it as a sickness. As in the previous post I have been diligently checking my HRV every morning (more on this later) and nothing has shown up there. I have been trying to run/workout as I normally would (more on that later too) and despite the kids having half-days all week I've been doing my usual business during the day. I haven't felt particularly run down but there are moments where I cough up phlegm (where'd that come from?), or I feel nauseous for a spell and one day I even had a sinus headache! What the hell is going on inside me?!? I have no explanation but with my half marathon in Phoenix next weekend I hope it works itself out.

So yeah I'm taking a little trip. I'm excited to see my best bud Katey but kind of dreading this half. It is not really the race itself. I'll just be plodding along anyway. I think it's just all the nonsense surrounding the race. I hate flying. I find it stressful. Even a short trip like Seattle to Phoenix becomes a whole day event that is exhausting although all you're doing is sitting. Maybe it's the constant "hurry up and wait". Katey is running the marathon while Emily and I run the half. Good god this race starts at 6:30am. Katey wants to leave her house at 3:30am to get to the shuttle buses! More hurry up and wait. We take the shuttle buses to the start where we do even more hurry up and wait. The lack of sleep on Friday night, coupled with the exhaustion of traveling and the early morning start on Saturday, in a unfamiliar place, is making me think I must really love Katey! Which I do but remind me that the next visit I make should purely be social.

A couple days have past since I started this post. I still have something going on but whatever it is really hasn't reared it's ugly head. Yesterday my morning readiness HRV score was a 7 so I decided to go for a little jog. I have also decided it wouldn't hurt anything and probably only helps things if I lowered my heart rate training. I was previously trying to keep my HR around 132 but decided to drop it down 5 beats more to 127. I've done a couple runs at this HR and strangely enough, maybe not, my runs weren't any slower.  I have already come to the determination that I needed to warm up more so I set my mind on a 1 mile walk to the park. I was going to run laps around the soccer field for 2-3 miles then do a 1 mile walk home for warm down. I knew it was somewhat rainy but I didn't realize until I was outside that it was really coming down. I didn't think it was particularly cold so I just went with a vest. I did my 1 mile walk to the park and GD it if there wasn't a GD soccer game going on! Are those kids always there? It was President's Day, shouldn't they get that off?!? I changed plans. I ended up starting my run from the park and ran a mile up a long , gradual hill. I'm being very generous when I use the term "run" because it was mostly a walk up. I was able to keep my HR pretty low but not low enough to start jogging. It spiked a couple times in the 140's but I was overall happy. I was able to jog down the hill for most of it and added an extra mile running to and fro Lake Youngs Trailhead. The 1 mile warm down was a little interesting though. I noticed my HR jumping around a bit and getting into the 150's. I didn't feel like I was under any stress other than my left foot was bugging me a little.  Couple that with the realization that it was a bit colder than I originally thought (my arms were pretty chilly) and whatever I have still lingering my HR was probably being affected. 

I've talked a bit about my HRV and have been taking morning readiness readings every morning for the last 3 weeks. The readings tell me about changes in my Autonomic Nervous System (the balance between my Sympathetic and Parasympathetic systems). My scores have generally been pretty good 8's, 9's and some 10's but I've had a couple 3's and a 4. This morning I got a reading of 3 and was told parasympathetic activity was abnormally high. I did the run yesterday and worked out at the gym last night. I might have overdone it so I decided to take today off. By off I mean do errands and deal with child not in school. Not exactly low stress but what are you going to do? I'm not sure what all this is telling me yet and I'm still wading through all the information of slowing down my running and taking HRV readings. I am also going to start adding tags about sleep quality and exercise done the day before. This is something I really wasn't logging on the HRV readings.


Finally, diet is going well. Really trying to keep my protein intake in line. Strangely enough it hasn't been as difficult keeping my carbs low. For the most part they are always under 30g, closer to 20g, but I find myself going over the 95g of protein several times. I definitely try to keep it under 120g and have even gone over that on occasion. So once again I am trying to figure out what works for me in my daily life. I have been doing intermittent fasting and I feel I've been pretty successful at that. If I'm really hungry I might go 15.5hrs instead of 16hrs before I eat but I'm generally in the ball park. When I do have breakfast I've fallen back to what I should have been eating probably all along... bacon and eggs.  I add a little heavy whipping cream to the eggs along with some extra sharp cheddar and scramble in Kerrygold butter. Yum, yum!