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Halloween Treats

With all the Halloween craziness going on today I decided to take today as a rest day. It seems we all overslept, undoubtedly due to the coziness of our beds complimented by the sound of pouring rain and dark morning skies. This dreary weather (which I love by the way) kind of makes you yearn for comfort food. I have some troubles with food in the morning and often just choose black coffee but this morning I was hungry so I decided to try the baked egg frittatas I made and froze last week. 

Last week sometime for dinner I made Stuffed Peppers for dinner (I substituted ground beef with chorizo). I decided to double the filling mixture for the kids to use for tacos, burritos and these egg frittatas. To make the eggs frittatas I greased a muffin tin with butter and added a spoonful of the chorizo filling. I then mixed 6 whole eggs with a bit of heavy cream in a bowl until they were blended well and pour the eggs into the muffin tin cups. I should have left a bit of room at the top but unfortunately I filled them to the brim. Then I topped each egg cup off with shredded sharp cheddar and scallion. With a little bit of maneuvering and lots of mop up I got the tin into the oven and baked for 25min at 325 degrees. I did not try them the day I made them so today was the day. They were pretty good. Eggs are not my favorite food but I really like the chorizo mix and the frittatas are a good thing to have on hand for a quick on the go breakfast.

My lunch was definitely more deconstructed. I had a Kirkland Protein Bar at 12:30pm (4 Net Carbs) then a iced sugar free coconut Americano topped with heavy whipping cream about 3 hours later. I really shouldn't be having the artificial sweeteners of the sugar free coconut syrup but I'll deal with that at another time. This drink is absolutely scrumptious by the way. Maybe I will switch it up and add Whole Earth sweetener instead of the SF Coconut syrup in the future. I'll let you know if I go that route.

I had some Kerrygold Dubliner cheese for a snack (and maybe a glass of red wine) while I cooked dinner in my InstaPot tonight. Traditonal Halloween dinner is pizza. Since Mike and I are not partaking in pizza I made Chicken Jalapeno Popper Chili. Verdict=delicious. Instead of tortilla chips as a garnish we used chicharrones. They are a pretty good substitute if you need a little crunch. The IP was perfect to use on a night like tonight since everything cooked quick and unattended while dealing with kid chaos trying to get out the door for trick or treating. Plus the IP switches over to warming mode in case I miss the beep.

No candy consumed this Halloween. It was a little tempting due to the open bag of candy corn right under my nose but I got over it and managed to send that bag home with someone else. 

I will add links to recipes when I'm on my PC. Tomorrow I plan to run 3-4 slow miles in the morning. Hopefully I can get my 3rd MAF test in this week as long as I'm still feeling well and sleep well.