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I have had a pretty good couple of weeks lately. Well, couple of months really. I have been working with my coach on helping me get back my running mojo. We meet once a week and I have to say having someone force you to do things you should do but don't do is really helpful. I'm getting that left arm to cooperate and hills are still evil but I can tackle them now. I'm really trying to remember my stride and breathing to keep things coming together. That makes me feel good and feeling good about my running makes me feel confident as a coach.

Many things lately have been going on with my coaching. Not so much that I've picked up tons of new clients but I had 3 certification classes scheduled for this year that I've been pretty excited about. The first class was through Rocktape to become FMT Level 1 certified. I've been having a ball taping up my clients (and myself). So far, so good with the reviews of my tape jobs. I feel it's just something a little extra that I can give my clients. The taping this picture is for one of my clients Katey. She has problems with edema in her knee and calf after running. I was excited to learn about this edema taping in class because I immediately thought of her. After she was thoroughly examined by a couple of doctors she was given the all clear of any medical issues and the taping seems to help keep her swelling down. Now I am only taping her knee because the calf swelling seems to subsided after the 1st application.

The next certification class I just took over the Mother's Day weekend. I went through the Lydiard Foundation's Level I&II Certification Course. This was a really educational, interesting and fun course. I'm still waiting to do my final test to receive my official certification but I cannot wait to explore this method of coaching and hopefully start implementing it next year when I am done with my races. We got to meet Lorraine Moller who was the Bronze medalist in the 1992 Olympic Games. She and Nobby Hashizume were really fun and of course gave us a ton of information and Lorraine brought her bronze medal for us all to see. That is one heavy metal! I met many great people and I hope I get to work with many of them in the future.

The final certification course for the year should be Newton Level II Cert. I am taking a Healthy Running course this summer and after some procedure and video taping I can apply for my cert and pass muster. I am pretty excited about this course because there is a large section of form which has become very important to me as a coach. Also, there is a section regarding shoe wear (go figure) and I will get a new pair of Newton's out of the deal. Plus the kids are getting another trip to Portland and they have been dying to go back.

Finally, some of you may have noticed a couple of Learn to Run Clinics/Meet the Coach events. This is something I am trying to get going to help all those people that are on the fence about learning how to run.  Many of us have been that person that is interested but too scared to join because we think we are too slow, or to fat or are all Phoebe running through the park. The goal is that interested people can see that we are normal people in this group that look like them and have/had all the same concerns. Everyone is welcome to come to this event so even if you've been through one of my classes I would love for you to be there!