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New Beginnings

What's been going on at Pip Running? Lots! In January I started a Slug to 5k Training Group. This was a small group of 4 ladies plus one current client who was rehabbing. By the 3rd week I lost 3 (one transferred to later class, one wasn't ready & one moved to the class below). The class was small but we were progressing.

A few weeks later I started another training group. This one was a Half Marathon Training Group with the goal race being BMO Vancouver on May 4th. I have 3 ladies in this group. They are a fun group of very motivated women. For reasons I'm still not sure of I decided to schedule these 2 groups on Saturday morning. For a few weeks there I was doing double duty. Eventually it just made sense to move everyone to the same flat, trail. Hello Ron Regis Park!

8 weeks later Shannon graduated from the Slug to 5k. The other lady never could make it to class but fortunately we've been able to keep in contact. I am always so proud when someone goes through the training and reaches their goal and I always especially enjoy being there for people when they do their 1st's. While all this was going on I was also working with the Renton Community Center to have a training group through there. The goal race for this group was the Seahawks 12k/GLOW 5k coming up in April. The Seahawks had just won the Super Bowl and I thought this training would be really popular. We missed being published in the RCC guide and the only offering I could do was a morning class and of course of those that inquired they wanted evening. Doh! Unfortunately while this was going on with the community center I did have my own Seahawks Slug to 5k evening training starting the same day but no one who inquired knew to look into Pip Running for evening classes and I didn't know who inquired. However I did speak to one lady and now the current Slug to 5k is made up of refugees from previous classes.

So now there are two classes going plus all the usual runs. Somewhere in all that running around I have been planning on running another marathon. I'm sure that's why I scheduled everything on a Saturday. There had to have been a good reason.