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It's All Aerobic

Has it really been over 2 months since I posted! I've written several blog posts in my mind. Do you ever have those times when you think you're starting to control the chaos only to add more chaos and lose all control again? If you have multiple children this may be a situation you're familiar with. You finally get your first kid potty trained and sleeping through the night then you add another one! Well this just happened to me. I didn't have another baby but I did adopt one. Meet my new chaos Jax.



Jax is a 5+ yr old Chow Mix we adopted over Easter. There is a whole harrowing story with his arrival but that is another blog post I wrote in my head months ago. Jax arrived from Texas which means he barks with an accent and we really adopted him sight unseen. His adoption post had him at 40lbs which we thought would be a good size for our 20lbs 16yr old resident dog. Eventually I do want a bigger running dog but didn't want anyone too big or spazzy active due to our dogs advanced age. Jax was listed as being good with kids, snuggler and good listener. He seemed like a good in between dog. When he showed up he was 65lbs! That's 25lbs more than expected for all those too lazy to do the math. We have never owned a dog that big and with his big furry coat he seems even larger. Even though his size was under reported his demeanor was right on. He is a chill, sweet boy and a pretty good listener. 

With his large size, playful attitude and younger age I automatically thought he could be a running dog afterall. I am was still doing HR Training so there are lots of walk breaks. I figured I could kind of Couch to 5k him. The first run went pretty well but I could tell that he was a dog that needed to drink water often but since we were only going 2-3miles I didn't bring any. He did well on the leash and waddled by my side so I thought it went well.

 The next time we went out not so good. Still HR Training so lots of walk breaks but it was actually warm that day. First "warm" day in months and Jax is a dog in a permanent yeti outfit. I made sure to bring water this time and we started out ok. We ran to the park about 1 mile away and I gave Jax some water there. We then ran down the road another half mile and started back to the park. Jaxy was kind of starting to lag. Once we got back to the park I gave him more water and was going to head back home. Jax had other ideas.



Jax found a mud puddle and stayed there. When I finally got him up he circled around and plunked himself right down again. Eventually I got him out of the mud puddle and promised him we would walk home. We finished our last mile with a gentle walk. It's all aerobic anyway right? I then realized Jax was probably not going to be my running dog. My husband tried again one morning but he didn't do run/walk and Jax couldn't make it a mile. 

So while Jax is not a runner (he's a lover) he does still need exercise. We do now have to walk him twice a day and carve that time out. Courage, our resident old man, is benefitting from this new schedule as well. He sleeps most of the day now but he gets out everyday also. Before, if we ran short on time, it was easy to cut his walk because he didn't seem to care at this age but with Jax having to get out means so does Courage. Another side benefit of having Jax is that we have to let him in and out (since he doesn't fit through our doggy door) which has caused the kids to go outside in the backyard more and play. 

Now this new chaos has just become a new normal and you adapt. There are running metaphors in there for sure.