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Did I Really Just Agree To Do Another One?

When I finished the Portland Marathon in October I felt great. Other than my calves being ridiculously tight I had very little in the way of soreness. I never hit a wall when we were out running and it seemed the farther we went the more upbeat I felt. We were getting closer to the end and I was getting closer to accomplishing this goal. It was a pretty great high especially coming of a month of injury and another month of trying to build my miles back. So immediately I thought I will need to do this again, without injury, so I can experience a full marathon training and one where I aspire for more than just finishing. I've ridden that high and that thought for many months. Eventually I decided with another friend to try to run the Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon. We have talked about it for months and any thoughts of my running Ragnar this year I put aside because this was the race. One problem. The race sells out every year, the number of runners is very limited and we had yet to sign up. It's hard to plan your training for a big race when you are not even sure if you would be able to run it. Not to be deterred we continued to plan as if we were in like Flynn.

March 2nd! March 2nd was the first day released for registration. Promptly at 7pm we could try to register online. Only 200 runners would gain entrance. By this point my first running partner had to drop out. She is on the indefinite injured list. While I was sad to hear she would not be able to run, and all our training prior to the race was out, I am happy to report that another was foolish enough to take her spot as my training partner. What are we getting ourselves into?

March 2nd has come. We ran Hot Chocolate this morning and I cannot tell you how tired I am. The last stupid hill in the 5k wiped me out! How am I going to run 23.1 more miles in July?!? Granted this lovely marathon is a gentle downhill for most of the way and I will go through 20 weeks of training from now until then but it freaks me out a little. I'm not too disappointed in my Hot Chocolate time either. Could have been a PR I think if not for that last long hill up Denny (or maybe it was another street they all have hills).  So 7pm had come and Emily and I were feverishly trying to register online. I was just checking out when I got a text from Emily that said she was in. Just as I got Emily's text something crashed on my end. I was out! I tried refreshing several times and opening another page. I was texting Emily that I had crashed! I had crashed! Time was slipping away and I had crashed and might not get registered. I was freaking out a little. Emily texted that she was still in and she would try to register me.

Just as Emily got me registered my page came back up. I would have had to go through all the steps again to register but I was already in. I decided to poke around a little at who got registered when I received notice that the race was sold out. Minutes is all it took. I was only of the lucky (that remains to be seen) few to make it into this race.

Now I've got to run it.