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2014 Will Be Quite A Year...I Think But I Haven't Planned Anything Yet

Well now it's January. Now I suppose I am to make some kind of resolution for the new year. Lose 10lbs? Eat healthier? Hit the gym more? I don't know. I really don't believe in making New Year Resolutions. Not because none of these things don't need focus because they probably do.  I want to say more so because I am lazy but that is not really it either. I don't like to make insincere goals for myself and I definitely don't like to make public insincere goals or resolutions. Once I decide that something is a goal or resolution then it becomes a personal challenge to me. It just takes me awhile to work it out in my head, make my plan and figure out how I am going to coordinate what needs to be done. A date on a calendar does not make that goal/resolution happen I make it happen.

Which leads me to what I've been mulling about. I am not one to come up with a list of things that I need to complete by a certain time. I have a loose idea of things that 1. I know I can do 2. Someday would like to be able to do 3. There's a snowball's chance in Hell it's going to happen but...then along with that loose idea of things I also have a loose idea of how loose item 1 can happen but this loose list only goes to a looser idea of how item 2 can possibly happen. So for running, which this blog is mostly about, I have loosely thought about expanding Pip Running. I have run an ad in the neighborhood flyer and I am collaborating with a few people on a few things. I have loosely thought of getting a legitimate website and the wheels are starting to spin on possible future training groups. Ahhh. That is already a lot of work on inside my head. Then I am supposed to think about, formulate a plan and then execute a plan on the 2 half marathons I have committed to running in 2014? My passport renewal is still in flux but it is getting there. Maybe a 3 trip to a government office will be my lucky day. I should really get down there. My marathon "plan" is even more loose because...well that date has not been released yet. I had a personal goal to run a 1000 miles in 2013. The number wasn't a hard number necessarily. I just wanted it to be over 1000. After tallying through 10 spreadsheets I figured out I ran 1303.96. Another person may have ran that 0.04 when they saw that number but I like to play it fast and loose.  Beyond those "goals" I have no idea what I am doing.

As a running coach I often talk to my clients about setting goals for their running.  It is a great motivator to have this carrot of a race dangling out there and the races with the training and group runs really help keep you focused. On a personal level I really work best off the outline.  So no New Year's Resolutions for me. I am still going to eat carbs, curse like a sailor and drink wine. I would like to resolve to become more organized and get laser-like focus on my goals. But that seems like a lot of work so I think I am just going to loosely decide to just run.