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Half Marathoners!

They did it!

I haven't talked much about it or them but this Fall I had my first half marathon training group. The group was started to train for the Seattle Half Marathon which was happening on December 1st and let me tell you I love/d these guys!

Training started in September for these guys while I was training for the Portland Marathon in October. The mutual training worked well for my running schedule and once the marathon was done in early October I was able to something I call "car coaching". Car Coaching is where I am able to meet my group at several points along the route and be there water stop, moral support and if necessary ride back to the start. Once their miles started getting longer this also gave my husband and I a great chance to get runs in together. Mike would run half the route with the guys (while I car coached) then I would run the 2nd half while my husband did water stops.

I have been very fortunate to have some really great clients and it is really hard to express how much I enjoyed training this group and how proud and happy for them I was when they finished their half marathon. This was a first for several of them and I trained them on a lot of hills.  To see some of them come so far from having to walk/run 5 flat miles in the beginning to being able to run the full 13.1 hilly miles just made me so proud. We felt like a family that day and I have to admit it was a little bit like the morning after Christmas when it was done.

More training groups have been planned and I can't wait to feel this way again!