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It's been a couple weeks now since I have been cleared to run. I did not run any real distance for at least a month and it shows. I had a few set backs from when I was cleared. My second run out was the Sunday before Labor Day and I attempted 6mi- 3 out and 3 back. By the time I got to 3 out my right foot hurt so much with each step but I was 3 out so I had to get back. I ended up doing intervals of 3 min run with 1 min walking. It seemed like I was out there forever but I finally made it back to my car and promptly texted Dr. Monti. I felt so defeated and felt I was right back where I was a month prior. I came home, put my foot in ice and sulked a bit and briefly would let uncertainty about completing the Portland Marathon seep in.

I got to see Dr. Monti on Tuesday and by the time I saw him I was feeling better. Monday morning I had my usual Monday Morning Group Run with Pip Running and I was able to complete 4 miles. Not the fastest 4mi but to have the ability to get back on my forefoot on my right foot is wonderful. It really makes running easier when both of your feet are doing the same thing.  My foot and ankle still hurt. The pain seems to move around from behind my ankle bone to the side of my foot to the point on my forefoot where it bends when my foot pushes off to the fatty part on the right side of my foot right below my ankle bone. Dr. Monti said I am still a mystery but it seems that my peroneal muscles seem to be involved and I believe the Superior Extensor Retinaculum and probably the Inferior Extensor. However, since that dreaded Sunday before Labor Day I have been able to add miles and although it is still painful it is not too painful. I have been trying to work on my endurance which was trashed with not running for so long. My longest run so far has been 9 miles. It was broken up but I was happy to have it done. I am shooting for 11 this weekend.

I am still worried about Portland and joke that I will be running a 7hr marathon.  If I just knew my foot/ankle would not be hurting I would feel more relieved but with just weeks until the race that idea seems unrealistic. Now I just have to have a plan to manage the pain during the long time out there. I know I can do this.

Running Tip: If you wear a sock while icing your foot it hurts a hell of a lot less.