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Laughing Through the Pain

Ragnar is over. I had a rest day. Now training for the Portland Marathon needs to continue and so it did for a couple of weeks.

I was feeling really great 3 weekends ago. Jamie and I had completed our 16-17mi training run the weekend after Ragnar. I bought the new Newton Energy running shoes in a post training run glow. I felt I might need something more padded for the marathon so I had been waiting for these to come out. They were definitely more cushy than my usual Newton Distance tried and trues. I was not sure if I needed a half size bigger though so I thought I would wear them on my runs during the week. After 4 days I felt my muscles were a little sore but nothing too bad but I decided to switch back to the Distance shoes for my Saturday and Sunday long run. Saturday was fine. Still some ankle stiffness but nothing I haven't felt before. Sunday was our 18mi long run. Jamie and I (with the help of some of our great friends) decided to run Lake Washington Blvd up onto the I-90 trail. Mary, Donella and Erica headed out with us but turned around at 4mi. We met Donna at mile 6.5 in Factoria and she was to continue on with us onto the I-90 trail and back to Factoria. From there Jamie and I were going to finish the last 6mi together. When I started the run my right foot felt weird. It didn't hurt to run but it felt like it could use a cracking or stretching. I assumed it would loosen up after awhile and I thought it did but around mile 9 or 10 I got a really severe bolt of pain running across/through my foot. It really hindered my running and I had to keep stopping and would try to run through the pain until it got too severe then would stop again. Finally I really realized I was not going to be able to finish this run. Not without really injuring myself and with Portland hanging out there I couldn't do that. The last thing Ben, my running coach, said to me was "Don't get hurt". Aghhh! I felt awful for screwing up Jamie's training run. We both felt good and this run was going to get done and it was going to rock. Once we got back to Factoria we decided to take Donna up on her offer to get her car and drive us back to ours. Total mileage for that run was 12 miles.

I saw Dr. Monti from Elite Sports and Spine the very next day. What I thought would be an injury that might have kept me off my feet for a week in now progressing into its fourth week.  Ben has greatly modified my marathon training schedule that includes completing maybe of my miles on an elliptical. For instance last Sunday I was supposed to run 20mi on the old training plan. On the new training plan I did 6mi on the elliptical. I'm still not really clear what is up with my ankle/foot. I took an x-ray last week and nothing showed up. I think I have Dr. Monti perplexed as well but I think we both think it has something to do with my wearing my new shoes too much too soon but I am slowly getting better. Such a rookie move! I asked him today if we could just fix it and we both had a good laugh. Laughing through the pain. I cannot say that these last few weeks have not been frustrating. Knowing that Jamie had to run that 20mi by herself this past weekend and physically not being able to run it with her was a real let down. I have had to cancel most of my weekly runs and I have been very hesitant to take on new clients. Thankfully the ones I did take on, thinking I was going to be better when they started, are new or walk/run. Portland is a snowball getting bigger in my rear view mirror but Ben assures me I will be able to run it (as long as my ankle/foot are healed). I am cautiously optimistic but I am trying to keep with his new schedule with the elliptical and/or aqua jogging.

So as of right now I am still a work in progress and my schedule and plans seem to change everyday. I am very determined to get through Portland. I was hoping for under 5hrs but I am also readjusting my time expectations as well as my training.