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Semi-Controlled Chaos

May starts a new month of group runs.  Some have been expanded to also double as Ragnar training but I am also starting to offer a speed/form class and a trail run series.  The speed/form class I am most nervous about.  I never did track as a kid so I worry about drills and getting the intervals right for the right clients.  Thankfully the class is a basic speed/form class. I am definitely not coaching anyone to BQ but I still want to make sure I am doing everything as correct as possible. I am most excited about the trail run series.  We are holding them on the Lake Youngs Trail and should be fun and challenging.  This is a popular trail for the locals but is notorious for its steep hills.  May be good for some repeats.

Ragnar is coming up soon and we are still down 4 team members. Always leads on runners but for one reason or another they fall through.  We lost 2 good, fast runners so the whole team is a bit bummed about that but gained a runner who is currently residing in Beijing, China.  She will definitely win the award for farthest distanced traveled for a race but another team member is moving to California but flying back twice for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon and Ragnar.  She may be up for the dedication award if we had one. There is a lot to do to get this team together and now with the Boston Marathon bombings our rental vans may not have only skyrocketed in price but also are requiring some kind of clearance through Home Security?!?  We also toyed with the idea of sponsorship but have yet to get a sponsor letter together and the printing of team shirts is definitely getting held up due to this.  I'd like to control this chaos for sure but I think it just may be out of my hands.