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Sales Pitch

Last month Road Runner Sports sent me an email and wanted to know if I wanted to do a Shoe/Support Clinic in their local store. I was told that it would be fun, there would be giveaways and of course a discount. I have been meaning to get down to the store to get an alternate pair of running shoes anyway so I thought it sounded like a great idea. I actually got clients to come and sold everyone on turning in their old shoes for the additional $10 discount. In retrospect maybe I should have read the exclusions.
Cutting a long story short the clinic wasn't more than a sales pitch, there was fun but not because of Road Runner (we're just fun people) , there were no giveaways and sadly most of us walked out without shoes! And not because we wanted to. However the sales staff was all friendly enough and the next day when I did the online chat with RRS the customer service representative was amazing and finally all those without shoes found their shoes... eventually.
This ends up being a happy story because I found my new universal alternate pair of shoes. So far I am loving these Newton Momentum. Not only do they feel great but the color is kick ass! I may not give up on RRS just yet but next time I'm solicited for an event I am definitely going to ask a lot more questions.