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Ragnar Relay Blues

It's been a little while since I last wrote. I've picked up 3 new Couch to 5k clients and have a few things in the works for summer but really my main focus right now is getting through the Ragnar Relay with a team.

Today it looks like we might have a whole team with the final addition of 2 more females and 2 males. I haven't received the guys registration fee yet so in my mind they are in limbo. The 12 passenger vans are 95% secured and there is a renewed slight hope for sponsorship. Now I just have to worry about leg placement, pace times and getting all the little crap together plus are our runners running? At this point we don't have any alternates so hopefully no one gets hurt and fingers crossed our runners have been training.

Speaking of running tonight should put me at right around 100mi. for the month. These John "Hate" Sales challenges have kept my miles up plus coaching isn't hurting either. I keep being impressed with how much all these miles, even slow ones, have helped with my pace and overall form. Hoping to keep it up for Portland!