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There's A Race Picture and I'm Smiling

Today I started working with a new couch to 5k client.  She was already a friend or a well known acquaintance maybe but it was still exciting for me to start with her.  You just don't know who is going to fall in love with running and have it become their new passion or who is going to grind their way through the training only to not run again.  I find when I am working with the couch to 5k clients I tend to say "if you decide to continue" and wonder if I should stop putting that backout clause idea in their head already.  I don't want to be a pusher or make people think they need to spend a ton of money on new gear or even that I presume they will continue my services. That may be a bit of a confidence issue on my behalf more than anything though.  Confidence aside it is always a bit exciting to get someone fresh, who is themselves excited. The thrill of running your first mile, then 1st mile without stopping then first 5k! You are on top of the world!

Which brings me to something else I've been kind of pondering the last couple of days.  I recently did the Seahawks 12k and the Hot Chocolate 15k. For the most part I consider myself a middle of the road runner as far as speed.  I could get up to 9 min miles but generally could not sustain them for more than 3 miles at a stretch. These last 2 races however I felt pretty optimistic and strong.  The Hot Chocolate 15k in March was the first race I had run in a couple of months and really since I started coaching.  I started picking up my mileage in December and every month since I have added more miles. In March I ended the month with 134 or so miles, in February it was around 125 and January 110.  I really wasn't sure how all this running was going to effect me.  Running was definitely easier than before but since most of my miles are really slow client miles or LSD I didn't expect much improvement and maybe thought I was hurting my chances of being faster since I cut out my speed work sessions to run groups.

With the Hot Chocolate 15k, my husband and I truly averaged around 9:45 min mile. By itself that gain probably is not that substantial but for the amount of hills that were in that race and the fact that we ran them all I was really super satisfied with our time.  Made me mad we stopped for the bathroom though and cause our official time to average just a hair over 10 min miles.
The Seahawks race was just this past Sunday and I am so pleased with my time on this run. I averaged 9:03 min miles and felt I probably could have even gone faster.  This race also has some hills and in previous attempts those hills just tired me out. This go around I felt I still had some energy in there and was able to bound up some of the hills as opposed to slogging my way up.  I am now convinced that running all those miles and adding the Runner's Bootcamp to my Pip Running calendar twice a week for the last 6 weeks have really made a huge difference.  Also, I have been seeing Dr. Monti at Elite Sport and Spine working on imbalances and gait for awhile now.  I have no delusions of becoming a sub 6 min super 40 year old elite athlete but these last couple of races have definitely given me a new confidence about running the Portland Marathon that I did not have before.  Maybe 40 will be the new 30 and I will come out much stronger by years end.