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Sunday Long-ish Run Drop In

  • Gary Grant Soos Creek Park (Trailhead) SE 208th St & 136th Ave SE Kent, WA 98042 (map)

Need to get a long run in? Is it kind of a drag to do it by yourself or maybe you just need the motivation to do it? Join in with the Half/Full Marathoners group training long runs as we build up for the season. This time we will focus on time and not miles.

 This week's run will be: 75-90min. Soos Creek is a paved trail with a few hills. There is a bathroom at the start of the run & another a couple miles down the trail. Bring a hydration belt/pack but I will also drop a box.

There will be 2 coaches, we'll plan the routes, have water/fuel available before our run and will tape you up if needed plus we will be there running with you. Bring whatever you need for the weather, what you may want to have on your person during a race and whatever hydration/fuel you want to try out. This is the best time to try out different products so you know what works & what doesn't.

Text Coach Susan (206-406-1143) or Coach Dave (206-829-0977) if you are running late!