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Community of Runners Unlimited Monthly Sign-UP

Now there is a new choice for all you frequent Pip Running runners! Sign up one time a month and enjoy the ability to join ANY Pip Running group run or running class. Drop in on the Sunday Long-ish Runs, Monday Night Group Run, Tuesday Morning Trail Run, Tuesday Night Flash & Dash Speed/Form Class and/or Saturday Morning Half Marathon training runs.  Of course Friday Free Runs are always included.  Individually these runs would cost $40/week.

Once you join you will be given a special coupon code to use when RSVP'ing. YOU MUST RSVP TO THE RUNS YOU PLAN TO ATTEND.  Members who have already signed a Liability Waiver may email me at piprunning@gmail.com to RSVP.

There are no refunds or make-ups for missed runs. There is no pro-rating should you sign up late in the month.

Click here to Sign Up!