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Bellevue: Flash and Dash Speed/Form Class

Meet at the track. Text me at 425-243-2050 if you're running late. Ben has a small yellow sports car & parks near the track.

Join Coach Ben Rixe and I for Flash & Dash Speed/Form Class that will take minutes off your time. Ben will have a speed work out every week plus he can help you adjust your form, if necessary, and give you tips and modifications so that you can run more efficiently and be less prone to injury. This is a fun class and a great workout. This class is held rain or shine (with the exception of lightening) so please dress for the weather.

Please call or text Coach Ben if you are running late or lost: 425-260-7493

• If some of you are worried about trading off the kids with your significant other Wilburton is a great transition spot for anyone coming South from Seattle (across I-90) or from the Eastside. My husband meets me at the park and it ends up being a win/win for both of us because I get the carpool lane going to Bellevue & he gets the carpool lane going home.

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