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Badass Membership Plans

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Badass Membership Plans


Pip Running will start charging $30.00/month to cover costs of running this amazing running club (recurring monthly membership). Charging a monthly fee, rather than per run or one large lump for specific training will allow me to keep overall costs lower and consistent income will allow me to:

  • Cover Meetup, Website, POS and Insurance costs
  • Encourage more engaged members
  • Provide supplies or equipment
  • Improve Meetups
  • Solidify our running community
  • Keep Ladies Group Runs at Road Runner Sports free

Once you sign up for Membership, you will be automatically billed each month. You can cancel your Membership at any time prior to the next billing cycle but will not be refunded for unused runs. If you have any questions feel free to email me at piprunning@gmail.com.

Benefits of Membership:
Maintain running base through planned group runs (LSD, Hill Workouts and Speed Work)
$100 discount on Half Marathon training
Discount on customized training plans and online training
Team Training Calendar through Final Surge
Member Only Facebook Group
Member Only Fun Runs and Educational Opportunities
Personalized attention with 2 Coaches (text, email, Facebook, Final Surge)

Prime Card Holders use the "Become a Badass" button below

***Please check the Badass Membership Run Day Calendar provided below before signing up. There are months where there are no LSD or Thursday Group Runs. The absence of these days has already been accounted for in pricing so there are no refunds or make-ups for multi-month memberships

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1 Month Recurring Membership